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Our experience of kitchen design
​Our designers have more than 20 years' experience working on every type of kitchen project, whether it is a new build, a property enhancing extension or installing into an existing room. A long experience of kitchen design that is not common in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
The "touch" of a designer
Reinvent Designers bring design in the heart of your kitchen projects. As opposed to a classical kitchen store, Reinvent designers think your kitchen space as part of a whole interior design concept fully customised to your daily routines and specific needs. Every of our projects is unique as every of our customers is.  
Our organisation
Whereas the usual kitchen store outsources its technical team, Reinvent can count on its own installation service. A professional in-house team of kitchen installers used to the demanding requests of our designers. A guaranty of quality and reactivity for our customers.
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Showroom: 286 rue de Luxembourg à Esch/Alzette
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